New in 2.0

  • Quick Card Buttons Now adding up to three +1/+1 counters is a single button press
  • Card Turning Keeping track of exhausted cards isn't so tiring any more
  • Default Card Values Tons of 2/2 Squirrel tokens? No problem
  • Pausable Timers Now you can pause both the game and turn timers
  • Hide Game Timer Hide that ticking clock for a lazy Sunday game

And As Always

  • Life and Poison CountersEasy to hit for even the largest finger
  • Split Screen ViewKeep your opponent at arms length, where they belong
  • Automatic SavingNo save button to be found, it's taken care of
  • Opponent ViewNow your opponent's information is available without head twisting
  • Card TrackingNow it's easy to track your 14/14 Megabeast with nine +1/+1 counters
  • Turn TimerFit a game in over lunch by keeping an eye on turn durations
  • Mana CountersNo more fumbling with stacks of cards
  • DiceOkay, it's got some. Just for rolling though, no counting!
  • Game TimerBe proud of that epic 4 hour game


  • Card Editing
    Card Edit
  • New Game
    New Game
  • Mana Counting
    Mana Counter
  • Lots of Cards
    Unlimited Cards
  • Upside-down Cards
    Top and Bottom Edit Cards
  • Dice
    Dice View
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